Saturday Afternoon

By Dan Barker, 03/08/2018

Inspired by the rousing poem ‘Let Us Be One’ by Gordon Wilson, who we hope will one day contribute to Written In Black And White, our Editor and head writer Dan has let his creative juices flow and written some poetry of his own.

As we anticipate the beginning of the new season, Dan’s first effort encapsulates the feelings and emotion attached to passing through the Blundell Park gates and watching Town in action.

‘Have you got your ticket?’ Mum shouts as I bolt out through the door

It’s Saturday afternoon, of course I have, thrills lay ahead in store

As I make the short trip down Grimsby Road, I think of the Blundell roar

I just can’t wait to hear the sound that greets us every time we score

Sing when we’re fishing, we sing proud and true

Up The Mariners, this town knows, we dream black and white for you

As three approaches we await the gladiators to emerge

Nervous defenders glance at attackers, soon to be their scourge

It’s here, we’re underway, at last the game is on

‘We’ll hammer these’ I loudly say ‘They’ll be lucky to get one’

As the game goes on, we’re in control, bossing all the play

Until disaster, oh no! and much to our dismay

Our optimism evaporates, it appears all hope is gone

Catastrophe, we’re losing, we’re down by nil to one

At half time we conduct our inquest, as the smell of Bovril fills the air

‘They’re cheating and the ref’s against us, it really is unfair’

As play recommences, to score a goal we must

Restore our hope, give back our faith just please repay our trust

The noise begins to waiver, as heads begin to fall

Whack! It’s a goal, we’re equal

The score is now one all

We’re on our way to glory now, of this I am so sure

Nothing now will stop us, I know we’re going to score

We’re on the up, in the ascendancy, we’re really on a roll

As Town become relentless in their hunt for a winning goal

A cross comes in and for an age the ball hangs in the air

Our centre forward meets it, it’s in, bloody well get in there!

The relief is palpable, feels like we’ve won the cup

Three points are safely in the bag, the only way is up

In the pub we toast our victory as a friend hands me a glass

We pore over the action, that tackle, that cross, that pass

We hear results of rivals, to which we turn the other cheek

There’s no substitute for this feeling, I’ll definietly be back next week

Thank you for taking the time to read our poetic interlude, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Enjoy tomorrow’s game and hopefully we’ll be toasting a victory this time tomorrow.

Remember that contributions are more than welcome, if you would like to write for the page then drop us a DM on Twitter and we’ll get something organised. We can be found @writteninBaW

Until next time, Mariners fans, take care.

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